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Reg will be doing live streaming concerts and chats on TWITCH!!

Check out past Twitch Videos here!!!

Video for the new Zero Times Everything track Die Nacht Ist Leben featuring Reg Bloor!!

Reg sitting in with Vampÿrates on the roof of Synesthesia Gallery in Brooklyn, April 3, 2021!!



"Unstrumental," "Hilarity Ensues" and "Projectile Bleeding" (extended) Live from Quarantine

Glenn Branca and Reg Bloor Live at Patriotic Hall in LA September 29, 2001

30 - minute version of "122 Zeros And Then a 1" live stream for Basilica Hudson’s 24-Hour Drone At Home, Live From Quarantine

REG's set from Berlin Under A, December 26, 2019. Video by Marc Edwards.

Marc Edwards & Reg Bloor Duo - at The Green Door, December 13, 2019
Video by Marc Edwards

REG's set from Hart Bar in Brooklyn, July 23, 2019. Video by Marc Edwards.

Excerpts from Reg's performance on "122 Zeros (And Then a One)" at Basilica Hudson on April 27, 2019
video by
Open Stage Media - Local Free Speech

REG's set from Littlefield on May 17, 2019. Video by Marc Edwards.

Interview with Collaborative Mag on Instagram about "122 Zeros And Then a 1" at 24-Hour Drone, Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY

Marc Edwards & Reg Bloor - guitar/drums duo - at Ceremony - December 7, 2018 video by Don Mount

Reg performing "The Wrath of That" at Static Age Records, Asheville, NC October 19, 2018

Reg's debut animation for "Chasing Ghosts" featuring Sckitz!!


Reg sitting in with Zero Times Everything on "Die Nacht Ist Leben" Bowery Ballroom June 19, 2018

Die Nacht Ist Leben from Richard Sylvarnes on Vimeo.

Reg Performing live on The BJ Rubin Show!!!

The BJ Rubin Show featuring Reg's debut animation for "Chasing Ghosts" featuring Sckitz!!

  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1DSQPdgauuk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>





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