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"All alone, with a simple Les Paul, she created an orchestral consistency. Metal. Where metal could also be that Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed who continues to expand itss influence in circles that are constantly expanding. A carefully organized noise."
Andrea Aguzzi - NeuGuitars about Sensory Irritation Chamber

Read Reg's interview in NeuGuitars!!!!

Read Reg's interview in Please Kill Me about Sensory Irritation Chamber

"Sarcasm and cynicism reach redline immediately ... loopy Hitchockian shrieks ... venomously precise tremolo-picking and sardonic chromatics ... twisted study in wave motion ... rehearsal for a suicide jumper...."
delarue - New York Music Daily on Sensory Irritation Chamber

"Reg Bloor has a clear grasp of compositional methods and controlled dynamics that informs every moment of her playing. Yet every recording is impassioned and free. It takes a rare talent to balance these competing forces in one’s creative efforts, and here is one woman who can do it." - The Sound Projector on Sensory Irritation Chamber

“Hilarity Ensues” is aggressive, present and ready to destroy, laughing in the listeners face as a sonic assault envelops their last hope and prayer." - Decaycast on "Hilarity Ensues"

"With frequent metric modulations, extended and uncommon chords, and surprisingly catchy melodies, Reg Bloor mixes all the right ingredients in the right proportions to make a solo noise metal album work out."
Daev Tremblay - Can This Even Be Called Music on Sensory Irritation Chamber

"Rarely a single musician on a single instrument – in this case, a trusted Gibson Les Paul Custom – is capable of producing such a mix of harmonic movement, composite rhythms and vitriolic tones within the “concise composition” realm."
Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes on Sensory Irritation Chamber

"Bloor wields her axe fearsomely, churning out dissonant melodies that slash like a thousand blazing knives."
Lexi Glass - KFJC on Sensory Irritation Chamber

"Deliciously Assaultive" - New York Music Daily

One of The 15 Best Metal Bands in NYC according to the New York Observer:
"...the magnitude in which guitar shred overlord Reg Bloor burns the fretboard clean off with a notes-dizzying onslaught is a feat to be marveled at."
Brad Cohan

"...Possibly the best performance I saw all night: a solo set by the electric guitarist Reg Bloor, who speed-strummed and power-riffed on her Les Paul through a harmonizing pedal, playing loud, structured, harmonically complex pieces, centering on strange chords, sometimes evoking Jimmy Page, sometimes an orchestra. It was committed and complex, and never let up."
Ben Ratliff -
THE NEW YORK TIMES on Reg's performance at The Red Bull Music Academy New York Festival 2014

"Reg Bloor took her position at center stage as if leading an imaginary polytonal metal band. She stood with one leg thrust in front of the other, power-strumming high, abstruse, unsettling chords, making rumbling wipes of sound up and down the neck. Of the three, Ms. Bloor was the most agitated and alive, and the one who most clearly wanted us to remember that the electric guitar has sometimes been associated with rock music."
Ben Ratliff - THE NEW YORK TIMES on Reg's performance at National Sawdust

"Not only she is a very acute instrumentalist, totally aware of the properties of an electric guitar in variegated rhythmic contexts; Bloor is also a hard-nosed researcher in melodic designs against the grain of ordinariness, featuring grating timbres and potent propulsions that give no respite whatsoever...This music literally constricts the listener, enforcing a careful evaluation of every nuance and turn of events, ultimately luring the persistent ones into a whirlpool of frenetic lucidity. Without an ounce of braggadocio, for good measure."
Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes on Theme from an Imaginary Slasher

"...buckets of shrill dissonance in the tricky chord shapes expertly executed with the venom of 18 cobras, as well as Bloor’s 'choppy' strumming style which carries the blistering attack of an M2 flame-thrower. One that shoots acid as well as fire. Sure to please fans of both avant-garde music and loud Black Metal."
Ed Linsent - The Sound Projector on Theme from an Imaginary Slasher

"Theme from the Imaginary Slasher is nothing short of totally insane. Instrumental and experimental black metal, performed entirely on guitar. The instrumentation is beyond impressive. At times, it has a MIDI/8-bit video game sound to it that’s totally surreal. Cool stuff."
Steve Adamyk - Razorcake on Theme from an Imaginary Slasher

"Theme from an Imaginary Slasher, is a clinic in six-string slayage." Brad Cohan The New York Observer

“Elevator to hell.”
Przemyslaw Gulda, Lukasz Kaminski, Robert Sankowski, Jedrzej llodkowski, Ja - Gazeta Wyborcza


Read Reg's interview in Chaos Control about "Theme from an Imaginary Slasher".

And check out the interview with Reg Bloor by Scott Collins for Guitar Muse

Here's an interview in Polish with Glenn Branca and Reg Bloor.



"…leave(s) the starting gate with all pedals to the metal ... the heavily effected screeching, flailing drumming, and calculatedly manic time mangling continue more or less unabated until the end."
Barry Cleveland - Guitar Player

"Seething with treble, technically formidable, and crashingly dissonant, Paranoid Critical Revolution was another of those acts that create far more of a racket than would seem possible for a two piece."
Nate Dorr - Impose Magazine

"It’s like part black metal, part no wave, and part nuclear holocaust."
MP Lockwood - No Core

"Viscerally powerful, musical, precise. No time or anything else was wasted."
Ken Weathersby - The Neutral

"EVIL guitar / drum sickness, a phenomenally loud shrieking beast...instrument as pure apocalypse."
Cloudboy - Rottenmeats

"Whoa. That was pretty intense, to say the least."
Mike Watt - The Watt From Pedro Show

"I'm digging the Paranoid Critical Revolution CD - (Reg)'s a killer gtrist."
Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth


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